Als wirklich globale Organisation steht das PMI natürlich auch für Vielfalt und Diversität. Gerade in der aktuellen Zeit ist dies besonders wichtig. Einige Beispiele gefällig?



pmi ceo sunil prashara"A Message from President & CEO Sunil Prashara

One Team, One Song, One Dance: Standing for Equality, Justice, and Inclusion

Hello all,

I have been deeply saddened to watch predominantly peaceful protests in several United States cities marred by shocking scenes of illegal violence and looting. We should remind ourselves of the global context of these developments, as seen from footage of people marching for equality in other parts of the world.

The events of the past week have shined a spotlight on issues of racial injustice that are still far too prevalent around the world. Sadly, racial prejudice remains a barrier to human progress across the globe. Discrimination faced by too many just because of their color and creed - historically marginalized populations, indigenous populations and immigrants. [...]"

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Pulse InDepth Report2 Diversity 1376x1840"A Case for Diversity (2020).

In The Project Economy, organizations recognize they need teams with a full breadth of perspectives and skills. And that requires true diversity—be it of gender, age, race, experience, sexual orientation, thought, nationality or culture. According to Pulse of the Profession® research conducted for this report, 88 percent of project professionals say having diverse project teams increases value. [...]"

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